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Yoga with Deborah


With Deborah Pulzone 410-310-5192

During the last decade or two most people have come to understand the physical and mental benefits of yoga, an ancient practice of postures, breathing and meditation. A feeling of peace enters us when we come into physical alignment and connect with our breath. Studies have shown that a regular practice is beneficial to our health allowing us to deal with the stress of life in a more wholehearted manner.

I have practiced yoga for almost thirty years and have taught for more than 10 years. My roots are in the alignment based teachings of Iyengar and later Anusara. I have been blessed in having been taught by many of the nationally known teachers in yoga today. My 200 hour/2-year teacher training and apprenticeship was done at Willow Street Yoga in Silver Spring, MD. It is my belief that maintaining proper alignment is the key to going deeper into the poses and inner self while keeping our bodies safe.

$60 per hour for private lessons

$100 per hour for semi-private lessons

$150 per hour for groups of 3 or more